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July 17, 2005

distribution center

by gl. at 6:03 pm

so i've just finished printing some artist's way flyers: 30 full-size w/ tags (pdf) and 60 half-size flyers (also pdf). they probably look very similar to the spring flyers, but a lot of input has been taken into account from the job club people, former artist's way students, and the call a while back for feedback about my marketing plan -- some of the language and focus is different, and text has been cut, which i can't pretend doesn't give me hives. :)

for the linkophiles among us, i have finally cobbled together a portland artist's way page you can point to -- it's not much, but for now, it's enough. :) i plan on hitting the electronic distribution channels next month.

maybe for spring i'll have gocco flyers.... metallic lettering on darker paper. i'm very fond of the the sandstone-with-sparkles paper i'm using for the fall flyers, but the text will always be black and betray its inkjet roots.

posted by gl. | July 17, 2005 6:03 PM | categories: artist's way