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September 9, 2005

but wait, there's more!

by gl. at 6:11 pm

two more registrations!

a woman from the MAC summer core wants to continue to pursue artist's way, which pleases me greatly. she thought she'd have a travel conflict, but it looks like she'll be able to make it. i am hoping the longer, gentler format works better for her, too. and that also means the wednesday morning class is full! (i can hardly believe it. i have to get more large cushions from costplus/world market!)

in addition to lending us a steam cleaner, laura also decided she wanted to do artist's way! she's in transition after the house settlement & says she wants a "kick start" to be more creative, as someone who dances and sings and writes. and i'm thrilled to add someone to tuesday night. the "last chance" emails & posts need to go out tonight.

and now i hope michaelmas (and reza & kara: happy reception!) understands why i couldn't be gone the weekend before artist's way begins.... :)

posted by gl. | September 9, 2005 6:11 PM | categories: artist's way