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September 8, 2005

final descent

by gl. at 11:34 pm

my sixth fall registration today was my first contact in july, who found me via the first round of flyering sven did for me at the wild oats on division. another one for wednesday morning, no less, for a total of 5 in that cluster!

alas, with only two MAC registrations, lori & i chose to cancel that class rather than spend the energy packing, travelling, teaching, packing and returning once a week. perhaps the 13-week version was too long for them; i'm happy to revise it to make it more palatable to its members and i think i'll get another shot for its next term, so though it was a surprise, i don't feel too badly about it. and i have wednesday evening free again!

we are heavily into studio cleaning & tinkering now. we're borrowing a steam cleaner from laura tomorrow and sven put a lot of work today into clearly labeling & arranging the supplies in the kitchen. next up is more star lamps, art, cleaning the floors, etc. i've been looking for a cute cd player since the purple translucent one michaelmas gave me over 3 or 4 years ago is finally dying, but i've checked fred meyers, best buy, circuit city and even amazon with no success. boomboxes just aren't hip anymore, i guess. it might be time for me to look at those cool jbl speakers for your ipod.

posted by gl. | September 8, 2005 11:34 PM | categories: artist's way, studio space