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September 28, 2005

artist's way: week 3

by gl. at 9:19 pm

this week the artist's way creative clusters created lifemaps, an exercise i think went pretty well for both clusters. this was laura's first session after a series of unfortunate events kept her from attending the first two sessions, so this was a perfect introductory exercise for her and her cluster. susan brought lovely roses from her garden for the studio this morning.

at this point, the clusters seem pretty solid. i think there will probably be some unrest around week 8 when the clusters begin to get more emotionally risky and the outside world becomes more demanding, but for now, it feels like we are all more comfortable w/ each other. btw, it turns out that running two clusters is only a little more work than just running one, but i'm still glad i'm not teaching at the mac this term.

each week i create a different center sculpture/assemblage for the clusters, usually based on the theme of the chapter we're covering. to give these otherwise plain text entries some color, i'll begin posting pix & descriptions now:


center (identity): an art brick i made a couple of years ago, bounded by four different kinds of calligraphy pens (including one i made from a pepsi can & a chopstick).

also, some of you might want to know what music was played, which i will also begin including, along w/ amazon associate links. this week it was paul simon's graceland & peter gabriel's passion. susan, especially, found passion inspiring.

posted by gl. | September 28, 2005 9:19 PM | categories: artist's way