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October 5, 2005

artist's way: week 4

by gl. at 3:15 pm

we did our first split exercise between the tuesday & wednesday groups because one of the participants couldn't make it to tuesday night and the exercise i had planned requires at least three people. so tuesday night did blind contour drawing and wednesday morning did the critic transformation exercise. next week, they'll swap.

and thus also begins the ever-popular media deprivation exercise, which is one of artist's way's most frustrating and rewarding experiences. i even emailed the sacred circle list in case anyone wanted to try it again, the germ of which may very well lead into the "artist's way spiral" (?) concept i want to implement someday (where artist's way graduates have an opportunity to review previous tasks, often synchronously with the current clusters).

one of this morning's participants says she'd like to start a similar cluster in salem. hooray, i say! and one of last night's participants named the getty travertine block i use as a speaking stone "sebastian."


center (power): a mirror beneath a red mosaic candleholder, surrounded by small glass spheres, red glass stones, and a glass star.

music: michael's nyman's the piano soundtrack. it may have been a little early to pull this one out (i could say the same about passion), but these have been fairly emotional exercises and deserve dramatic music. i'd like to play the akira soundtrack, but it's got too many quiet/loud spikes (and that one superweird song i always have to forward past) to be a very good background album.

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