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September 23, 2005

poem: balanced

by gl. at 10:28 pm

this is the poem i wrote on the wednesday morning poetry walk:


when the sun shines there is no mystery
every blade of grass clipped and crisp against the lawn
every flower clamouring for attention
the hidden cat spotted among bright dandelions
while sawing and hammering and clattering compete
with the chorus of birds and chanting insects

but even in the brightest day there is shadow
relief from the sun, heavy & hollow
in a field wide with blackberries and soft piles of dried grass
autumn apples rest on the ground, examined by ants
behind me, the leaves rustle cool like water
as the wind passes with its silent secrets

tomorrow is the equinox
balanced between night and light
today i am walking the sliver between seasons
the iron weathervane perfectly still
waiting for what comes next

...september 21, 2005...

posted by gl. | September 23, 2005 10:28 PM | categories: artist's way, writing