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September 20, 2005

tba05: dada ball

by gl. at 9:38 pm

alas, the dada ball was the most disappointing event, perhaps because it was the final tba event and i had higher expectations of it. i had hoped for cool art, good music, good food, and spectacular costumes. none of that was true: only one art piece (large flower-shaped lamps); djed club music & a loud dazed guitar band; bagels, cream cheese, pears & coffee after the one small water cooler ran out of water; and i only saw two costumes i thought were clever or impressive (one, a woman in a hoop without the skirt, a blindfold, a stick mask w/ painted eyes, and a tall wire basket w/ lightbulbs in it for a hat; two, a man who was wearing a replica of duchamp's "bicycle wheel" on his head).

and it was pretty smokey, considering it was in a fairly open-air warehouse setting. it was like attending a nightclub, and you know how much i like nightclubs. *crickets* at the end of the night they broke out the big colored chalk and an impromptu performance with bicycles was gathering in the furthest room, but it was time for me to go.

for my costume, i threaded white christmas lights through my hair, dusted myself heavily w/ glitter powder, added crystals & stars over my exposed skin, and wore sven's sparkly sequined dress -- the same one i wore for burning man last year-- grey tights & my motorcycle boots. not the best costume, but costumes have never been my forté and in the dark, it looked angelic. against a wall, it even looked like i had wings:


so farewell, tba! i'll see you again next year, but i won't be the same wide-eyed and hopeful ingénue i once was.

posted by gl. | September 20, 2005 9:38 PM | categories: exhibits & events