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October 10, 2005

psc monthly meeting

by gl. at 9:58 pm

i brought pens & little handmade books to the portland society of calligraphy calligraphic recycle sale, and walked away with two books, one of which is an art journal book i plan on referencing in artist's way. i had my eye on another art journal but the fluid dynamics in the tiny room were odd and someone else walked away with it just inches before i could.

later, they briefly talked about artist trading cards, mainly via cyberscribes, which i realize i ought to probably join again. (i set myself to "no mail" after burning man last year and never changed my subscription.) the speaker knew there was a group in town, but it was small and she dismissed it.

this meeting was attended by a lot more people (26 instead of 10). still, i'm a little disappointed because the room isn't set up for anything other than sitting around in a circle, talking to people you know. it's a much less educational environment than my experience w/ other calligraphy guilds, and the only way to change that would be to changes spaces, i think.

aocc, which i missed this year because i stayed home sick, will be hosted in portland in october 2006. that'll be nice. :)

posted by gl. | October 10, 2005 9:58 PM | categories: calligraphy