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December 21, 2005

scary solstice from scarlet star studios!

by gl. at 12:30 am

blurry tree cookie sheets square wreath

3 things to know about these photos:

  1. that cool scarlet star at the top of our artfully blurry tree is new this year: it showed up the day after we thought it would be cool to find one (thank you, serendipity!). what you don't see is that it's also decorated with the amazing tin stars sven made for my 31st birthday, when he built a scale replica of the burning man in our driveway and set it on fire. the stars fell out as the man burned.

  2. i've never made christmas cookies before. what better place to start than with scarlet(ish) gingerbread stars? this is the second batch, where i got fancy with icing and jiggering w/ the timing & thickness so they'd remain soft.

  3. this is our first square wreath, decorated with another tin star and a "noel noel" banner i've had since i was just beginning calligraphy as a member of the summit scribes in colorado springs. man, that was probably about 7 years ago.

a scary solstice to all! and to all a good night.

posted by gl. | December 21, 2005 12:30 AM | categories: calligraphy, miscellany