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April 8, 2006

artist's way independent support

by gl. at 2:26 pm

today i used an exercise for one of my independent support students i probably wouldn't do in a group. it's a perception & concentration exercise, simple but effective: you simply write the differences between two objects for 5 minutes. in this case, i gave her a glass bottle w/ scarlet ink & a small glass pyramid. after 5 minutes, you do it for another 5 minutes, and then ANOTHER five minutes. so you write for 15 minutes total about the differences between these fairly simple objects, and each time, much to your surprise, you're able to see a little bit more. by the end of 15 minutes your perception has notably shifted and your brain becomes focused -- great for days you might begin scattered or think you have no new ideas. i got this idea from corita kent's learning by heart.

oh, and this was the centerpiece i forgot to write about last week. it's spring!

posted by gl. | April 8, 2006 2:26 PM | categories: artist's way