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April 5, 2006

buying the house!

by sven at 10:41 pm

We're going to buy the house!

ceremonial gingerbread house

We've been renting. Back in December the landlord offered to sell us the house -- which includes both the unit we live in and the Scarlet Star Studios space. It took a veeeeerrry long time to decide whether or not we wanted to purchase. But finally, we decided to go for it.

Yesterday we made our offer -- and it was accepted on the same day! And today, we signed paperwork accepting the seller's, um, acceptance. Still in shock. Once things are set in motion, everthing goes so fast! ...Assuming no unforseen problems arise, we'll close May 1st. OMG!!!

Jacque and Mari -- being just too cool -- dropped by last night and gave us a ceremonial gingerbread house, which they whipped up immediately after getting my phone call. (Note the little cranberry hats!)

...Thanks guys!!!

posted by sven | April 5, 2006 10:41 PM | categories: studio space