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April 2, 2006

trixie update

by gl. at 9:49 pm

while we were at the rebuilding center today, someone stole all the poetry magnets on trixie's hood. this is the second time a major theft has occured (the other was when i was showing sven manitou springs, colorado, where they stole all trixie's nouns).

one of the frequently asked questions about trixie's poetry magnets is, "do people steal them?" and ordinarily it's not really an issue; i expect attrition and can even understand the irresistable desire to take one, the way people do road signs. but swiping 20 of them is just rude. it felt like trixie was riding around portland w/o her shirt.

it's probably time to write down the current catalog & wash her, anyway, so here's a snapshot:

i wish i had an easy, fast way to wash her magnets & dry them. doing it by hand takes forever. any ideas?

posted by gl. | April 2, 2006 9:49 PM | categories: trixie