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June 1, 2006

artist's way guided intent

by gl. at 8:42 pm

i created another monthly artist's way event when i realized we had two groups of people at the studio: first, we had people who wanted a reason to get together and make art (and heck, that was one of the main reasons i created the artist's way open studio); second, we had people who wanted a chance to explore what art meant to them or who wanted to be more involved in the artist's way and wanted the chance to engage with the art they were making, something we weren't doing in the artist's way open studio.

so i took the format i had been experimenting with for the last couple of months in the artist's way open studio and created the artist's way guided intent, which explores a theme from an artist's way chapter with a guided art activity and a structured feedback component. though i intend to include other mediums and activities like i do in the artist's way creative clusters, this month will be collage, in part to limit the number of variable for people who are used to the other format. though we will explore many mediums, guided intents will NOT be skill-based; no prior experience with the medium will be necessary and i won't be teaching technique because it's about the process, not the product. it's a chance to experience our emphasis on art exploration and creative self-expression when we aren't enrolling for a creative cluster.

so that means the artist's way open studio reverts to its intuitive, casual form: no theme, no feedback; just a bunch of creative people getting together to make art. :) and though you don't have to know about the artist's way to come to either event, both events are artist's way friendly, a place to meet past, present & future artist's way students and talk about morning pages, artist dates, or the book.

having two events a month has the benefit of giving more people a chance to come without being put on a waiting list, and having them at intervals means two chances every month to maintain creative momentum. plus, this means if i don't end up making art at the guided intent, i'll still have an opportunity at the open studio.

so just to clarify, these are all the artist's way offerings at portland's scarlet star studios:

posted by gl. | June 1, 2006 8:42 PM | categories: artist's way