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July 21, 2006

artist's way open studio (july)

by gl. at 3:09 pm

ah, there's the heat! despite an ample supply of cucumber lemonade, two fans, and a portable room air conditioner borrowed from a neighbor, it was still pretty warm in the studio last night.

fortunately, one of the participants also brought lemon-lime popsicles and we were feeling pretty creative with 12 collages between six people (and one of the participants made three more after the event was over!).

["summer": click the image to see the other collages
& an extra bonus shot of people at work in the studio!]

of course there's plenty of shiny in here the scan didn't capture: the top half is teal shiny & the gold bits are shiny, too. i colored the central image & gave this card to the neighbor who loaned us the air conditioner.

we'll be taking a break in august to go to sven's family reunion in canada, so there won't be a guided intent or an open studio next month. but i am hosting a "fabulous end-of-summer august art swap" august 23 for anyone who wants to clear our their studios & start fall by feasting on "new" supplies. :)

in september we'll host artist's way creative clusters and begin the guided intent events and the open studio again. so enjoy the summer, now that it seems to have been turned on full force!

posted by gl. | July 21, 2006 3:09 PM | categories: artist's way