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August 26, 2006

hamilton mattress

by sven at 10:03 pm

We just watched "Hamilton Mattress," a half-hour stopmo film about an aardvark who wants to be beautiful. FANTASTIC!! Better than the first Wallace & Gromit shorts, in my opinion. I was charmed, delighted, enthralled.

Great characters. Lively, fun acting. Tight, elegant, lovely story. Excellent use of color. Beautifully crafted sets. Not high art, but an appealing-to-all-ages fable. A paragon of what stopmo can be.

The "making of" featurette has some interview material with Barry Purves, who's mentioned in a number of stopmo books as a great in the medium. Puppets by MacKinnon & Saunders (foam latex, I'm pretty sure) -- whom you know as the fabricators for Corpse Bride.

The copy I have was gifted to me by our friends Kristen and Todd. I see that it can be had via It's probably available via NetFlix, too.

Add it to your "must see" list.

posted by sven | August 26, 2006 10:03 PM | categories: stopmo