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October 26, 2006

press luncheon

by gl. at 7:01 pm

i saw a photography exhibit at the press club this afternoon, a small creperie near clinton & 26 (across from the clinton street theatre). zorn matson's large flower prints are beautiful and interesting as macro landscapes, but they are especially surprising, intriguing & engaging when read in light of his artist statement, part of which is excerpted here:

some miracles become so commonplace that to see them requires a vigilant amnesia... it is as if the flowers themselves had commisioned [these portraits]. as if, in fact, i had been kidnapped by a murderous, flamboyant warlord... and could regain my freedom only after taking revealing portraits of his entirely insane family.

i loved re-examining the flower photos, imaging each as a member of a warlord's insane family. i only wish zorn had a website, but he didn't leave any cards and the waitress could only remember he was "on myspace."

posted by gl. | October 26, 2006 7:01 PM | categories: exhibits & events