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November 4, 2006

superNOVember is go

by sven at 6:00 pm

Like a solar explosion of art, it's SuperNOVember!

Shelley (-bo-belly) Noble, a stopmo blog buddy over at Notes from Halfland, has initiated a November-long Daily Progress Push-a-thon. ...And as of today, I am officially joining the game!

The intent of the event is to help artists -- particularly our online circle of stopmoes -- make consistent forward progress on their respective projects. As Shelley says, "A little something done on the project, doesn't much matter what, is to be done each day, along with the rest of life, or I'll know the reason why!"

Here are the rules:

#1. Take action on your chosen project each day. (If action can't be taken on any one particular day, the explanation must be brazen and unquestionably reasonable.) Small actions are completely acceptable as the idea of the SuperNOVember Thon is to make daily progress.

#2. Post about said action. (A photo is preferred but optional.) Posts may be brief, outlining what action was done, what if anything was learned, what was cool, surprising, or satisfying, or where it went pear shaped and has gotten confusing.

#3. If anyone has an idea for another's dilemma they share it in the comments. Yay.

#4. You can have more than one chosen project! (The idea still is DAILY progress on something!! Howz that?)

#5. We go until Thursday, November 30. At that time we see whether we choose to go on for more or break, etc.

posted by sven | November 4, 2006 6:00 PM | categories: stopmo