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December 7, 2006

artist's way guided intent (december)

by gl. at 2:19 am

we got down & dirty at the studio tonight. in fact, we explored 3 different ways to explore our personal strengths: a mindmap, an illustration and finally a life plaque.

we met two new people, which was nice, both from new york and recent portland residents. but the biggest disappointment was that we had another full studio RSVPed, but only 4 of us ended up playing together. afterwards i had to remind people that since our events often fill quickly, an RSVP who doesn't show means a missed opportunity for someone else. i know things come up, but if their plans change, i want them to give us as much notice as possible to give another artist a chance to play. imstead, i spent time after the event in the role of debt collector, which is quite distressing.

[my life plaque: click the picture to see the other life plaques and visualizations]

there is a waiting list for the next artist's way open studio/collage night on the solstice, and boy, i hope everyone makes it. the next artist's way guided intent is next year, january 3. we'll be exploring compassion by writing imaginary stories about people in old photographs, discovering our rich capacity for tolerance, mercy & forgiveness (both for ourselves and others).

posted by gl. | December 7, 2006 2:19 AM | categories: artist's way