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December 6, 2006

artist's way: week 12

by gl. at 12:21 am

we worked with clay last week. this was similar to something you'll see again tomorrow for the next guided intent, but this was more of a sensory experience. the clay exercise is often difficult for participants because unlike almost every other activity, we don't keep what we make and we don't talk about it or write about it. we make it, destroy it, and make something else, over and over again. in this case, we actually did make a tile to keep: i asked them to pick a word they felt described themselves and using my word stones kit, we stamped those words into the tiles. i wanted to see how it would work for tomorrow's guided intent activity.

(aside: the magnetic poetry people responded magnificently when i wrote them to ask if i could just order one letter stamp to replace one i had lost-- the dot above the 'i'. they offered to replace it and a couple of more letters of my choosing for free! including shipping! i think that's some of the best online service EVER!)

the night started out a little oddly, so during our usual breathing & stretching exercises i asked everyone to stand up and stomp around until they couldn't stomp anymore. later i knew we would be slapping clay down hard on boards, so stomping was a pretty good introduction and helped disperse some of the oddness.

center (autonomy): two paths to independence: the serene command "be" and the sparkling irrepressible "imagine."

music: i meant to use bobby mcfarrin's beyond words, but i forgot it over at the house, so i used norah jones' feels like home instead.

posted by gl. | December 6, 2006 12:21 AM | categories: artist's way