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December 10, 2006

closet torn out

by sven at 8:00 am

Lots of studio renovation going on. Gretchin's in the midst of getting the main meeting room painted... And I'll be getting new flooring for my laboratory of art maybe as early as next week... So exciting!

The closet project in my room is now done -- and I'm pleased with the results.


What good was the closet doing me? All it did was take up precious wall space.

wall torn out

Crash, boom! Insert dynamite and stand back...

patched with "mud"

The sheetrock guy did a superb job (though he left some mess behind). After painting, you can't tell at all where the hole was.


Huzzah! Complete! Now I can put the electric piano into that nook, and snug the workhorse computer up next to it. That means I'll be able to put everything that involves fumes next to the window -- where it rightly belongs -- and have space for an additional metalworking table.

Soon I'll have the ability to destroy entire planets...

Um. Artistically, I mean. Yeah.

posted by sven | December 10, 2006 8:00 AM | categories: studio space