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January 14, 2007

new floor in sven's lab

by sven at 5:52 pm

the new floor

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, I got new flooring in my studio room ("the lab"). It's a laminate, Wilsonart, "natural anagre" pattern. My contractor advised that Wilsonart is one of the hardest laminates -- which is important, since I don't want metal chips to scratch it up too immediately...

the old floor

Carpet just made no sense in this room. With paint and clay and metal-working going on? Nuh-uh.

I had hoped that the carpet could get reused after being torn out, but apparently The Rebuilding Center has stopped taking carpet donations. They pointed me toward the East County Recycling Center, which does recycle the stuff. I hate the idea of just throwing all that carpet away... It was worth $24 to me to have a clean(er) conscience.

the computer/music nook

In the nook where I recently had the closet torn out, I've now got the workhorse computer and the electric piano set up.

(Um, btw, I'm cheating a little with these photos. I'm showing you what the room looked like after I got the major elements back in... But before I brought most of the clutter back.)

the other side of the room

Here's what you can see of the rest of the room when you're standing at the computer: the metalworking station (left), the soldering/brazing station (center), the drawing/sculpting station (right).

the drawing/sculpting station

I didn't foresee that the bookshelf could fit between the drawing table and the computer -- but it seems to work out fairly nicely there.

On the right hand side of the table, you can (just barely) see a power-strip. Let me tell ya: it's really sweet to have it there on the desktop, so you can just plug electric tools in whenever you need -- without having to crawl around underneath, on the floor.

the metal working station

This side of the room is where the most work remains to be done. That's a 5 foot table, and it's too small for the tools I need there. I just yestereday picked up an 8 foot table that ought to solve the problem.

The final renovation project, I believe, will be putting some bracket shelves up on this wall. I make so many 3D objects now, and have no good place to keep them. Shelving all the way up to the ceiling ought to do the trick. No clear plan about how and when to proceed on this yet, though.

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