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January 10, 2007

star wars @ omsi: easter eggs!

by sven at 8:00 am

More about the recent Star Wars exhibit at OMSI...

Darth Vader

While at the exhibit, it occurred to me to check on a couple of things that I've always wondered about...

Darth's chest plate

What's on Darth Vader's chest plate? Looks like Hebrew to me!

1/10 Update: I've run this by a Jewish friend who confirms it's Hebrew, and who's passing the photo on to folks who may be able to translate it for us!!

inside the helmet

This was the helmet used in Revenge of the Sith...

I spit on the floor! We speak of it no more!

...Ahem. Even so, I was curious to see the insides up close.

the sand speeder

How did the sand speeder hover?

underneath the sand speeder

The speeder was built on the frame of an English 3-wheeled car. In the actual film there's a mirror set at a 45 degree angle toward the ground that covered all this up.

the Rebel Blockade Runner

Lore has it that when the model makers at ILM built the Rebel Blockade Runner, they put a miniature poster of a "pin-up girl" in the control room. You can't see it on film...

front window of the ship

And you couldn't see it in the exhibit, either, given how the model was lit.

inside the front window

...But I had a thought: when my camera focuses in a dark room, it projects a little beam of light in order to gauge distances. I tried it out -- and sure enough! So I shot this photo with a flash.

Notice, also, on the left-hand wall a tiny Star Wars poster.

"pin-up girl" close-up

And, just because -- if you're like me -- you've always wondered... Here it is in close-up: the Rebel Blockade Runner "pin-up girl".

This concludes our virtual tour of the OMSI Star Wars exhibit. Thank you -- and please come again!

posted by sven | January 10, 2007 8:00 AM | categories: exhibits & events