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January 18, 2007

zigzag's "discover your calling"

by gl. at 12:29 am

despite the instructor oversleeping and an icy hill that proved difficult to scale, the "discover your calling" workshop went extremely well. it was the perfect workshop to start the new year and zigzag said this was the best group she had ever worked with. the biggest annoyance was probably that the clippies didn't want to work on the freshly painted walls.

this was the longest (and therefore the most expensive) workshop we've offered, but i wanted to push that boundary a little, and i wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to do art, so zigzag asked them to create a thematic collage at the end.

[one of the collages from the workshop]

i wasn't present at most of this workshop again, but i'm getting better at the sequencing. i welcome people at the beginning and chat, i introduce myself and the studio and the proposed sequence of events. if the workshop is long, i come in at lunch to refill the almonds, apples & cheese, add olives & truffles, and ask if anyone needs anything. at the end i take pictures and collect evaluations and payments. the timing is never perfect because nobody runs on an exact schedule, but i am pretty good at remaining unobtrusive when i need to be. i still can't entirely relax when i hear a workshop happening on the other side of the wall.

i'm very excited about the february workshop! not only does it feature a fabulous friend, it was created to fulfill a wish for a participant. so be careful what you wish for: i have the means to make it come true! :)

posted by gl. | January 18, 2007 12:29 AM | categories: classes & workshops