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January 19, 2007

artist's way virtual open studio review

by gl. at 1:37 am

i cancelled the usual collage event because yesterday i was worried that the ice at the bottom of the hill would be unsafe. but it was our first open studio of the new year, and i didn't want to start it with NOT making art, so i decided to try a virtual open studio instead.

i am pleased to say i think it was a smashing success! we had twice as many participants as the studio can normally hold, and we reached people who are usually unable to attend studio events. i told them they didn't have to limit themselves to collage (but that they should make a collage if they wanted or if they were spending too much time thinking about what art they should be working on). it was fun to keep the momentum up the whole day. i asked them to send a picture after they were done, which most of them did. i couldn't believe the range of contributions!

[3 of hearts: click the image to see the other amazing pieces]

for instance, these are three small stuffed hearts about the size of my palm. i have no idea what sort of fabrics these are, but i've been saving them forever because they are soft & pretty. the red heart has a poetry bead sewn onto it w/ raffia: once i can start adding words to things, my kung fu will be unstoppable! bridget mentioned i could use iron-on transfers, and i'm thinking about the gocco fabric kit. yeee!

this looks small, but you have no idea how much this tickles me. toby primarily made this possible, but i was also inspired by seeing some charming felt-based hearts with rustic stitching a while back. i would never have actually tried them had it not been for my success w/ toby, though. i have discovered if i can sew with a blunt tapestry needle with a wide eye, that solves many of my prior grudges against sewing. i may never get anything delicate & elaborate out of this arrangement, but i can make cute things now, which is not something i ever expected to do. hoorah!

posted by gl. | January 19, 2007 1:37 AM | categories: artist's way