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February 11, 2007

artist's way guided intent (february)

by gl. at 11:54 am

this was a pretty successful event! i was nervous about it because i don't do the fabric arts much at all, but part of the goal of the guided intent is to push my own boundaries, too. i was epescially worried that we wouldn't have enough time for such an ambitious event: we had two hours total, and only a little over an hour of work time when you accounted for introductions, writing & sharing.

we wrote about what needs protection and what it needs protection from. i wrote that i need protection from my mental gremlins that keep me from enjoying the present because i have so much left to do in the future.

["twilah": click the picture to see the other photos]

"i am the one who can manage it all, beautifully & unfraid, while my heart beats above and the sky beats below. i am the one who sings with the frogs in the gathering twilight." the threads represent my tasks which are neatly gathered in her arms, leaving her room for peace and emotions. you can't see it well at all, but she's covered in very small rhinestones, glittering like stars. her "hat" is a piece from the porch star lamp we retired last year.

the next guided intent is blind contour drawing: "You have a life and vitality that is yours alone. Retain your autonomy by exploring your unique vision! Blind contour drawing is often a reflection of your truest perceptions because it teaches you to draw what you really see rather than how you think something should look. You learn to rely on your senses and self: allowing your eyes to see, your mind to think, and your hand to act. Learning to draw this way will increase your artistic freedom, independence & self-reliance. Trust the process! Trust yourself!"

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