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February 20, 2007

artist's way open studio (february)

by gl. at 2:46 am

i don't think this collage has -any- shiny on it! :) nothing even very unusual: it's all clippings from magazines. everything simply found its way into my hands. i like the composition quite a bit. i've also hit a couple of surprising interpersonal realtionship bumps for which this image is pretty appropriate.

[release: click the image to see the other collages]

i deliberately overbooked 10 in a studio that seats 8, and so when the first person changed their RSVP, I didn't panic -- but we still ended up with 7 people, i think. i'm also still debt collecting from the last artist's way guided intent, which is one of my least favorite activities (right up there with flyering).

in general it was a lively event, though with a underlying tension and competive (!)dynamic i still need to sort through. one of the participants, especially, felt particularly overbearing, and then that just set off a couple of the others. a new boy came and i felt we weren't as inclusive of him as i would have liked. i just want people to come & make art, you know? i often feel the guided intents are more successful in part because they're so structured, so it's difficult for any one person to monopolize the group.

in fact, the next event is a guided intent featuring blind contour drawing. :) and after that, to celebrate our second year of open studio, i am very excited to host an edible book tea! i attended one of these in san diego w/ terrilynn & loved it so much!

posted by gl. | February 20, 2007 2:46 AM | categories: artist's way