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February 25, 2007

melanie sage's beautiful truth: creating art journals & altered books

by gl. at 9:56 pm

beautiful truth was another successful workshop! i've been hoping to have melanie teach at the studio and then in december one of the open studio participants wished aloud for an art journal workshop, and i knew i could make it happen. the funny thing is that there were two other art journal classes happening in portland on the same day that i didn't know about when i planned this workshop! still, the workshop filled within five days, had a waiting list, and everyone showed up! i was happy to get new people out to the studio, too, partly thanks to a posting at the art therapy listserv.

i cut the setup a little too close because i was hoping to say goodbye to sven before he left tuscon, but i missed him by just a few minutes. even so, i was carrying chairs into the space as people were arriving to fill them, which didn't give me enough brainspace or time to interact with people the way i would have liked.

[one of the journals from the workshop]

like the don't think! paint! workshop, one of the only dissatisfactions was space. this is especially true in such a supply-heavy workshop like art journaling. i think our space is more usable than some other workshop spaces in town, and i sort of think that no matter how much space you have, you always want more space. :) but i'm facing a dilemma for our events: it is more comfortable with six, but the dynamic is better with eight -- especially if one of the people at the table is the instructor. if anyone has any idea for magically finding more space around the table, let me know.

and i 've gotta figure out a new way to hang stuff. ever since we painted the studio, the clippies don't want to hold art. i've got to figure out another way to get art on the walls that doesn't require holes and that's easy to move around. it's dangerous to sit beneath them!

i'm looking forward to the march workshop, which i have always been curious about: encaustics! i am very likely to attend this workshop myself.

posted by gl. | February 25, 2007 9:56 PM | categories: exhibits & events