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March 2, 2007


by gl. at 12:04 am

today has been a day of unexpected abundance. almost everywhere i went i was either giving or getting surprises!

for instance, when i rendezvoused at linda's house for a meeting today, she had gifts for each of us, including a large folded roll of copper & a couple of old train books down in the basement.

when i took pictures of carol's piece so she could submit it to the the 100th monkey's recycled show, she sent me away with several curls of leafy paper, two colors of wire, several felt "wish" gift card holders, a bag of magazines, several colors of large rolled paper and a narcissus.

when i got home, i was delighted to discover a package from jeffrey, who sent me beautiful cigar boxes from new orleans!

and after dinner, sven sent me for a walk around the neighborhood to find hidden treasure.

i balanced my karma by dropping off delicious ginger gems to mph, lending serena a flat-panel screen for her event tomorrow, & dropping off a copy of paul simon's surprise for kristen & todd.

the studio loves to give and to get gifts. thank you, one and all!

posted by gl. | March 2, 2007 12:04 AM | categories: miscellany