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March 3, 2007

toby's travels: tucson, los angeles

by sven at 11:59 pm

Toby's first road trip

Fair warning:

For those of you averse to hyperbolic cuteness -- lookawaylookawaylookawaylookawaylookaway...

Sven & Toby on the road

Toby had never even left Portland before -- so he leapt (literally) at the opportunity to accompany me on my road trip to Tucson.


On the way down, we slept in the back of the Svan at rest stops.

my sleeping companion

The first night out, Toby was so excited, he kept bouncing all around the car... Taking photos of him was the only thing I could think of to try to wear him out.


It's curious to me, the number of gas stations that have dinosaurs in front of them -- but aren't actually Sinclair. ...Do Sinclair gas stations actually even exist anymore?


Toby's a little unclear on the distinction between animate and inanimate objects.


My mom was charmed to meet Tobias. He seemed to have a lot of fun in her arts/crafts space.


Encountering mom's yarn collection, I finally had to explain to Toby where babies come from. "Well, you see Tobes, when an artist loves her old socks very much..."


Toby's favorite game is "hide and peep."


Mom spoiled the boy... She let him into her beading materials and helped dress him up.

back on the road

After a couple days of visiting family, we got back on the road.

...And, yes, Toby does always wear his seat belt when we travel.

Toby's first stay at a hotel

On the way back, the Svan was loaded down with boxes, so we stopped for the night at a hotel. (Note that by this time I'd gotten wise to wearing earplugs at night.)

we arrive in Halfland

Ah, but before going straight home -- a stop to visit Shelley in Los Angeles!


When Shelley and I were animating, Toby got really interested.


He really wanted to be a part of the show. (Much to Dad's exasperation.) But there's just a certain something that he lacks. Talent? ...No.

A skeleton.


We mollified the boy by giving him a "director's chair" from which to shout.

many hands make light work

Toby did make himself useful, though. With all those arms, he was a demon with the broom.

We believe in "leave no trace" camping.

glad to be home

965 miles and a blizzard later, we found ourselves sitting in the driveway back home -- and paused for one last photo. A little travel weary and more than a little crazed... But glad for the adventure, and happy to come back to Gretchin.

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