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May 18, 2007

artist's way open studio (may)

by gl. at 10:33 pm

a quiet, kind & prolific group this month. many new people that i very much enjoyed meeting, the kind of people where you find yourselves working together in a comfortable silence. and for the first time in a long time, we had TWO boys at an event at the same time. i like events that are age & gender balanced, and this one was both.

i try to market open studio as "our most casual event," which means that because it's free i don't have to spend time or brainspace facilitating it, even though hosting it requires some small amount of facilitation. previously, this also meant that we didn't have introductions at the beginning or sharing at the end, because sometimes they can get out of hand, but this time i wanted to try it as a way to shape the event somewhat, and i'm glad i did.

["so good night, with lullabye": click the image to see the other collages]

i didn't realize where i was going with this until after it was put together, at which point it very much made me think of nathan's mother, who just died from cancer. he's been writing these posts about her funeral and her death and i can tell the words have touched me, even though i'm thousands of miles away. the text you probably can't read next to her arm is from "a midsummer night's dream":

Come our lovely lady nigh
So good night, with lullabye

if this piece feels incomplete, it's because i had intended to fill the part above NEXT with a jumbled pile of transfer letters. i bought an obscene amount at art media because they were discontinuing them, and i tried some at collage a couple of months ago that were so smooth and elegant that i knew i had to have some. but these must not have been the same brand, because i could not get a clean transfer off any letter i tried:

i don't know if i'll leave the collage the way it is or if i'll try to think of something else. i rarely go back and do anything with art after an event (much to the chagrin of my "unfinished projects" box).

next month is our last set of events until i go on hiatus (dare i say "vacation"?) for july & august. the one i'm most excited about is an andy-goldsworthy inspired workshop at Mt. Hood that i'm facilitating (down to earth). it took me years to find the perfect location, and now it looks like i'll only get to offer it once, so i hope it's awesome! :)

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