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This is a past event. Participants appreciated the "healing environment" in the forest and at the Mount Hood Arts Cabins. Being able to "spend time focusing on life's little treasures" felt magical and indulgent.
  • "It was like playing!"
  • "It's like going on a 1-day retreat."
  • "I've been wanting to do this for years -- and can't believe I finally got the chance!"

Down to Earth
facilitated by Gretchin Lair
Saturday, June 09, 2007
1 p.m.-6 p.m.
Mount Hood National Forest
$85, which includes land use & materials fees
5 max, so RSVP quickly!

Inspired by the elegant and simple creations of acclaimed artist Andy Goldsworthy, "Down to Earth" is a unique opportunity to create natural ephemeral art in the forests of dazzling Mount Hood. This is a chance to bring your hands & heart into harmony. Transform simple materials like twigs, thorns, stone, mud, snow, flower petals, pinecones & leaves into art that reflects your personal journey through the natural world around you.

Your works will celebrate fleeting & shifting elements like light, shadow, seasons & cycles. These are not meant to be permanent sculptures, but rather collaborative interactions with the environment. We will photograph your creations and share them with each other in a small book, creating a personal memento of your ephemeral explorations.

About your guide: Gretchin Lair has been encouraging art exploration in beautiful & scenic Portland since she moved here in 2003. But she still has fond memories of her childhood in the Colorado Rockies, stacking stones and making up songs by the river. She found Andy Goldsworthy's work to be a revelation and has wanted to offer a class like this for years.

About the location: We will use the Arts Cabins at Mount Hood as our starting point, then give you free reign to roam over 30 acres of land owned by the US Forest Service. The Arts Cabin is just 20 miles east of Portland, right off the road that leads to Timberline Lodge. It is a perfect blend of accessibility, seclusion, comfort & natural beauty. You can't get lost but you'll have all the room & materials you could possibly want!

For more details or to RSVP for "Down to Earth," please contact us! And please feel free to forward this opportunity along to someone who wants to remember the sweet smell of earth and pine.

a few of the environmental collaborations created during this event:

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