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May 31, 2007

lsgl: act I complete!

by sven at 11:59 pm

click on image to play clip (2.3 MB)

I'm surprised and thrilled to have this section of the film done already -- and by the last day of May!

I wound up deciding to cut a few shots. The new edit keeps things punchy, and ends on a nice climax.

Change of vocabulary... I'm now thinking of this short as taking place in three acts -- plus a prelude and epilogue. Here's the structure:

Instead of cross-fading from Act I to Act II, I've decided to have a more discrete break. The three acts are now going to be treated as if they're separate vignettes.

What would be fantastically awesome: If I could get Act III done by the end of June, and Act II done by the end of July... Leaving August for polishing off the epilogue, composing the soundtrack, and getting everything bundled up for submission.

I seriously doubt that things will run that clean. Act III has a lot of complex CG shots that will have loooong render times. And Act II will require some sets that I haven't even fully envisioned yet, let alone constructed.

But, I'll keep on working with severability in mind. Here's what gets cut from the agenda if I'm running short on time... Things that will impact the story least being listed first:

  1. the war with Cthulhu's spawn
  2. explaining how the Elders became weak, arrogant, and decadent after the war
  3. the epilogue
  4. all of Act II -- including telling that the Elders came to Earth millions of years ago, and that they were overthrown by their own servants


posted by sven | May 31, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie