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May 31, 2007

blue moon blessings

by gl. at 11:25 pm

today i delivered 22 moon pies all across portland as sweet reminders of how much i appreciate supporters of the studio, whether that's as a former artist's way client, a colleague, or a co-conspirator.

hand-delivering that many treats took over 8 hours of non-stop driving, but i was rewarded by getting a tour of emma's "new" apartment, eating a homemade orange-cranberry muffin, peeking into linda's new studio, seeing the art alisa is making in her studio, meeting elizabeth's daughter maya, holding dayna's grandson emmett, learning ohsu is its own city, surviving beaverton traffic, and seeing people i haven't seen in a while (and, um, some i saw just yesterday).

as i was finally driving home, the blue moon rose huge and heavy (and orange!) in the sky and i diverted myself onto mt. tabor to watch her glow, the lights of portland twinkling beneath her. to her left was jupiter, strong and bright; to her right was antares, the red heart of the scorpion. may the june moon find you healthy, happy, and inspired.

posted by gl. | May 31, 2007 11:25 PM | categories: miscellany