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July 9, 2007

recent shows

by gl. at 4:19 pm

last week was a busy art week: i saw 6 shows in 3 days! these are all up through the end of the month:

some of my favorites included (hooray! the entire catalog is online!):

  • nicole dextras: myths (which included aphrodite, atlas, narcissus, icarus, persephone, poseidon, zeus, & the muses)
  • malina gupta: the story of o (i love letters, but i also loved how the translucence actually helps tell the 'story')
  • rutherford witthus: 3 kisses (which is striking in its contrast between almost-empty pages and packed visual pages)
  • sue collard: camera obscura (it looks twenty times better in person than the photo)
  • pamela paulsurd: touchstones (it's almost ridiculous how appealing these are!)

also, i got a chance to meet laura russell, who is enthusiastic, smart, talented & kind. 23 sandy is still a newish gallery, but she has some plans for her studio space that delight me -- and you can even rent it yourself!

posted by gl. | July 9, 2007 4:19 PM | categories: exhibits & events