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August 5, 2007

lsgl: sound montage for distress beacon

by sven at 11:59 pm

I've put together a voice-over sound montage for Act 2. Listen to the mp3 by clicking here. (688 KB)

Enormous thanks to Gretchin, who I also recorded reading the monologue. She helped edit the script -- and over all, I think she gave a better performance than I did. Unfortunately, although I had high hopes for using a digitally transformed female voice, I couldn't get the sound texture I was looking for with her takes.

The take that I wound up using some painfully melodramatic lilts... But I think that after remixing it into a montage, some of the more egregious lines may actually work -- they become sorta musical. (Tell me if you think I'm wrong!)

The underlying string-section is a GarageBand loop.

I expect there will have to be some tweaking when it comes time to combine this sound clip with whatever I come up with for acts 1 and 3 -- so there's still room for change. ...Even so, I'm thinking this might be good enough to begin building upon.

posted by sven | August 5, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie