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August 6, 2007

100th monkey/write around portland book swap

by gl. at 10:13 pm

on sunday i volunteered at the 100th monkey/write around portland book swap.

i was immediately put in charge of running a table for making accordian books. bookmaking is one of the things I really love & appreciate but am quite bad at. i know that one of the things that makes for a successful bookbinding experience for people who don't have any experience or a short window of time is to precut covers (especially when you only have one cutter), and that's the thing I'm bad at. i tried not to panic, but if I had known this was going to be my task i would have brushed up on it a little first!

a few people visited throughout the event, but 10 minutes before my shift was up, 5 people wanted to make a book at once. :) fortunately, by that time i had done several of my own books and could explain the process pretty well.

[my little accordian books]

posted by gl. | August 6, 2007 10:13 PM | categories: exhibits & events