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September 23, 2007

matt & toni tabora-roberts: generate, create, communicate

by gl. at 11:33 pm

generate, create, communicate was another successful workshop! i know how hard it is to sell performing arts to an audience that is primarily visual arts, but i remain committed to offering a variety of workshops to increase the creative vocabulary of artists, develop appreciation for different kinds of art & artists, and to have fun!

it sounded like a lot of fun from the other side of the wall, too. lots of movement, laughing and clapping. matt & toni are two very likable, flexible people with an enormous wealth of skill & knowledge. they moved here from san francisco and i was thrilled to give them an opportunity to teach what they love here in portland.

["not serious" at the end of the workshop]

i'm looking forward to the next workshop, "transforming the dark through charcoal alchemy." it's an appropriate theme to explore in the month of october, especially, i think, though i like exploring light and dark anytime. :)

posted by gl. | September 23, 2007 11:33 PM | categories: classes & workshops