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This is a past event. Participants appreciated the facilitator's "quiet presence" as well as his "attitude of open acceptance and encouragement." Nobody could think of anything to improve!
  • "I liked the organic nature of it."
  • "It was thought/feeling provoking."
  • "Mark is great!"

Transforming the Dark through Charcoal Alchemy
facilitated by Mark Gundry
Saturday, October 13, 2007
11 a.m.-4 p.m.
$65, which includes ALL materials
6 max, so RSVP quickly!

October is a month of magic and mysteries. Artmaking involves each of us in an inner process of alchemical change, giving us an opportunity to find our light even as the nights grow long. Using charcoal, textured paper, and a unique liquid overlay, you will have a chance to discover & transform your innermost images, seeking the right balance between day and dark. Don't be afraid! Your inner light will guide you.

About your guide: Mark Gundry is in private practice as a psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon, where he also offers workshops on psyche and the expressive arts. Prior to his initiation into depth psychology in the mid-1990s, he studied philosophy and religion at Boston College, where he earned his Ph.D. He wrote a book on the psychologist Carl Jung and the way that images shape our realities. He has been working on dreams, doing artwork -- painting, charcoal, nature assemblage, collage, and photography (so far!) -- and writing about his experiences for over ten years.

About the studio: Scarlet Star Studios offers a wide variety of opportunities for art exploration, with instructors who will encourage you to create fearlessly & truthfully in a familiar, safe and inspiring studio environment.

For more details or to RSVP for "Transforming the Dark through Charcoal Alchemy," please contact us! And please feel free to forward this opportunity along to someone who wants to transform charcoal to gold.

some of the light and dark explored during this event:

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