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October 25, 2007

gregory says 'hello'

by gl. at 12:38 pm

two sundays ago i went to church of craft: i was so excited because they were making glove monsters! diane wrote more about the event on craftypod.

i brought toby with me for moral support & squee! had to come because what could be a more perfect event for a glove-based pincushion? she definitely got a lot of attention; people were very impressed with her (thanks, shelley!).

[say hello, gregory. "um... hello."]

so this is gregory, who is quite shy and looks like he's wearing a sweater. gregory doesn't say much and is mostly content to just go with the flow, which makes him a very good foil for toby, who gets him in all sort of misadventures. i thought he was going to be a vicious halloween rabbit, but when i turned him over to stuff him, i saw his "legs" as eyestalks.

[toby says, "THIS IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND!" gregory says, "um... okay."]

i had never been to the general purpose meeting room at the central library, but it's huge! it makes a great craft room and i can see lots of other possibilities, too. definitely an underrecognized resource!

posted by gl. | October 25, 2007 12:38 PM | categories: toby