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October 22, 2007

mark gundry: transforming the dark through charcoal alchemy

by gl. at 2:11 pm

two saturdays ago we hosted a new workshop: transforming the dark through charcoal alchemy. mark is a quiet, kind and knowledgeable guide. people who came with darkness left with light. i love that potential transformative experience, and mark is particularly gifted in bringing that out of people.

we hammered black foamcore to the walls to protect them and i was pleased with how well that worked and how professional it looked. i was also suprised that all of the floor covering i used actually served to protect the floor: i know how charcoal dust gets everywhere! it's a strange balance: we have carpet on the floor because it's more comfortable for artist's way, but in the workshops i usually tell people "it's a studio; we expect it to get dirty" so that people don't feel compelled to make tiny, careful movements or fear dropping/spilling things. despite over three years of artmaking, the carpet still looks remarkably good. *knocks wood*

[one of the pieces from the workshop]

next month's workshop is "not just a pretty face," our first 2-day workshop! the first time we hosted it was a lot of fun and we all made a lot of progress, but it was a litle overwhelming for first-time painters. so we decided to give people plenty of time to study the masters the first day, create rough drafts & get comfortable with the materials, then dive into the final portrait the next day after a night to sleep on it. i know i work better that way, anyway!

posted by gl. | October 22, 2007 2:11 PM | categories: classes & workshops