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December 30, 2007

a very toby kissmas

by gl. at 10:04 pm

toby was VERY excited about his first christmas, or as he calls it, "kissmas." he was especially excited about the package sven's brother sent. then we showed him the stocking sven's mom knit for toby, and sven told him if he left cookies for santa, santa would leave him even more presents in the stocking!

[leaving cookies & milk for santa]

unfortunately, sven & i had not talked beforehand about whether we would tell toby about "santa." i would have voted against it, but it was too late to take it back: toby's eye was shining with anticipation. i was also worried that a "stocking" would prove to be problematic for someone who is made out of one, but sven explained the difference between sentient socks and non-sentient socks, and toby hardly batted an eye.

so when toby woke up the next morning, he was eager to open his present:

[toby wakes up: "IS IT TIME NOW?"]

and he was especially excited when he saw the cookies & milk were gone... did santa leave something for him?

[toby's stocking]

but before we could find out, we were interrupted by... a white christmas!

["IS THAT... SNOW?!"]

[toby catches snowflakes on his tongue]

back in from this delightfully unexpected snow, we settled in and got ourselves set up with snack plates:

[a little bit of everything]

gregory joined us, too, though he says christmas isn't really a big deal for him.

["don't mind me. halloween's more my sort of holiday."]

when toby was finally able to open his stocking, he was delighted to find a chocolate, a tiny rubber ducky, and finger puppets for him!


but of course, that was just the prelude. he really wanted to know what was inside the present he had been carrying around for days.



sven and i were completely surprised, but toby wasn't: he was predicting an elephant all week! we told him an elephant was probably too big to fit in a package that small, but it turns out toby was right all along. he could hardly wait to show gregory:


it took a while for him to settle down, which gave us plenty of time to open our own presents. finally, we toasted the conclusion of our abundant and joyful "kissmas":


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