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January 2, 2008

toby's first birthday

by gl. at 12:16 pm

this should be the last toby post for a while, but i wanted to say that yesterday was toby's first "birthday"! yes, one year ago, on new year's day, i went to an old socks, new friends meetup. i almost didn't go because it was the day after new year's at night and i hadn't met anyone there and i can't sew, but a woman from that group had specially invited me and i thought it sounded like a grand idea. alas, i've never seen her again, but it was her socks that made toby who he is!

toby's name and personality formed almost as soon as i made him. i can hardly believe he has been such an influence at the studio. who knew i needed an irrepressible, enthusiastic alter ego with a loud british accent? thanks to everyone who tolerates and encourages our whimsy.

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btw, he takes remarkably delicate bites for a creature with such a big mouth. :)

posted by gl. | January 2, 2008 12:16 PM | categories: toby