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December 20, 2007


by sven at 1:37 am

fish fish fish fish

Two Sundays back (12/9) it was my friend Lane's birthday. I'm point-person for organizing her party each year. So I ask: Cake? Angel food with strawberries. Movie? Ice Age 2. Decorations?


painting on butcher paper

Fourteen years ago, during a difficult summer, I decorated Lane's house with lots of ginormous painted fish. It helped.

Play it again, Sven!

snip snip snip

So, in the midst of an all-nighter, wherein I was hard at work on a super-secret xmas project, I managed to squeeze some time in during the wee hours just before dawn -- painting fish.

ready to go!

The original fish were watercolors. The new ones were done in acrylics. I cut 'em out, stacked 'em up, and drove 'em across town... Our friend (more like family, really) Jacque distracted Lane while I redecorated the house into a walk-in aquarium.

Lane was delighted! ...What a fun little project. :-)

posted by sven | December 20, 2007 1:37 AM | categories: painting