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December 23, 2007

stopmo set-building: hills

by sven at 3:30 am

small hills

I've done very little set-building. So I'm trying some things out. Tonight's experiment: rather than have Ichbonnsen standing on a perfectly flat stage, I thought I'd throw in some little hills.

What kind of look am I going for? Something with clean lines and colors that you'd see on children's TV... Sorta like Domokun or Colargol (AKA Jeremy the Bear).

insulation foam - rough forms

The stage is 1/4" thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) from Home Depot. On top of this, I hot-glued a few pieces of insulation foam. This is a concept I picked up from a book on building terrain for miniature war games.

carved foam

I carved the foam into shape using a carving knife, a craft knife, and a flexible blade that's sold for use with polymer clays.

gluing down fleece

I picked up some luscious green fleece last month (?) thinking it would make awesome grass for a set at some point. I painted the foam and MDF with a layer of Elmer's glue, and then simply draped the cloth over the whole thing. I cut away the excess, leaving a little extra for safety.

Next: I'm thinking about some trees...

posted by sven | December 23, 2007 3:30 AM | categories: stopmo