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January 15, 2008

vicki lind's "don't think! paint!"

by gl. at 11:51 pm

we hosted our third round of "don't think! paint!" and i was surprised that we got two out-of-state participants for this class: one from denver, the other from louisiana. for vicki's last class we had someone from california. it looks like everyone both near & far had a good time, though. the sun came out for the first time in a week, so it seemed like an especially cheerful group. they even ate all the snacks! i serve a plate of apples, rice crackers, almonds & havarti cheese for every workshop, and for those that are scheduled over lunch, i refill the plate and bring in olives & truffles.

the studio got a microwave for christmas, both as a way to serve workshops that are scheduled over lunch (since we don't have anything in walking distance) and to complete our vision of using the studio as a personal retreat and guesthouse. sven rigged up a way for it to stabilize on top of the refrigerator using washers and labels (really!) and it worked fantastically for this this class.

one funny thing happened: the kitchen is our primary art supply storage space, so we use the oven to store the letterpress typecases; the refrigerator to store clay, epoxies & sometimes gocco screens/supplies; and the dishwasher holds our assortment of various art dishes that are to be used for art and not eaten from: baskets, paper plates, assorted jars & boxes, lids, yogurt cups, milk jugs, condiment cups, etc. someone in this workshop wanted to be helpful and set the dishwasher running, so by the time i noticed it was too late to salvage anything made out of paper (and some of the wood boxes are a little warped). everything else had an inch or two of water in it. i had to lay towels all over the tables, take everything out of the dishwasher and let it dry out on the towels. oops! we really ought to disconnect the water there, perhaps. :)

posted by gl. | January 15, 2008 11:51 PM | categories: classes & workshops