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January 13, 2008

print gocco basics at the iprc

by gl. at 10:48 pm

it's been a busy time for gocco printing! gillian from half-empty press recommended me to teach print gocco basics at the iprc. i was a little nervous because i've printed a lot more on food than paper!

so after a bazillion questions and shu-ju's blessing, i taught gocco in december and january. fortunately, they both went well! the first class had wanted to do more fabric printing but the fabric kit had been misplaced, but even so i could tell i had some gocco converts. in the last class, the timing didn't feel as smooth as the first class, but i think it was still successful. ideally, some of the students from both classes will end up in shu-ju's advanced class later this month. :)

one of the things i'm really proud of is that i let everyone do their own project (most other iprc printing classes, including gocco, have them working in teams). i brought in my own gocco to keep the ratio of students/goccos low, because i think you learn things better and are more invested in the process when you get to work with your own art or on your own project. so i encouraged multitasking while waiting for the photocopier or the gocco, and it really seemed to work well.

there's always that wonderful moment when i pull the first print for my demo, holding my breath and hoping it does, in fact, print -- and when it does everyone gasps a little. truly! i love hearing that sound: the first time you see a print come off the gocco it's magic. :)

one of the interesting side effects for teaching is that i had to create projects to demonstrate the gocco. you'll be hearing more about those later...

posted by gl. | January 13, 2008 10:48 PM | categories: printing