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April 10, 2008

creative ways to mend the self

by gl. at 6:06 pm

last month i attended a workshop called "creative ways to mend the self" facilitated by kazz artis at the 100th monkey. it was primarily about compassion fatigue for people working in healing professions like therapy & social services. she recommends the book "transforming the pain."

after a brief presentation, we worked on matchbox shrines. i've made one with dayna before, but i like creating things several times because it illuminates something new each time.

i'm always interested in the inside/outside juxtaposition when making boxes, so though this has muted colors and somber moons on the outside...

it has colorful paper and shiny pop-up stars on the inside. i have a fondness for pearls because they are such miracles (and "gretchin" means "little pearl" in german), so i left them loose w/ the rosy star to rattle around in the box (that's a trick i got from dayna).

i'm also interested in the visible/invisible dichotomy, so the inside box is lined w/ copper tape to indicate strength, and beneath it lies a miniature "justice" tarot card. it's highly unlikely anyone will see it, but i like knowing they're there.

posted by gl. | April 10, 2008 6:06 PM | categories: classes & workshops