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April 3, 2008

artist's way guided intent (april)

by gl. at 5:21 pm

i can hardly believe it's possible, but last night we managed to make some fabulous art dolls to represent self-protection in a remarkably short amount of time. thanks to the wide and delicious varieties of creative chaos, each of the dolls was rich with insight & meaning.

["inner lightness": click the image to see more dolls]

first we wrote about what we needed protecting from, or what needed protecting. during introductions i realized i might actually need -less- protecting: i have fairly solid walls between identities, and perhaps veils would serve me better than walls. so during the writing i wrote about needing to protect myself from my own sense of responsibility and a desire for lightness. so the light bulb iconography wasn't much of a stretch, but i was surprised that 3 of the 7 of us created dolls with light bulbs in them (mine is a gocco bulb!). i have surprisingly less gauzy fabric than i thought I did.

it was good to see shawn, a former artist's way client (who just found out she's been accepted to the portland open studios tour this year!), as well as several other people from previous events.

our next guided intent theme is autonomy, which we'll honour by creating your own life-sized, full-body portrait as a symbol of your artistic freedom, independence & self-reliance. we'll help you find a pose that expresses the core of your being, then we'll trace around you and let you loose with paints & brushes. i'm very much looking forward to this event: as a form of creative Self expression, it will be both unusual & uniquely relevant.

i am both excited and nervous to announce that "autonomy" will be the LAST guided intent until september: like last year, I'll be taking the summer off to enjoy the sunshine and I encourage you to do the same. :)

posted by gl. | April 3, 2008 5:21 PM | categories: artist's way