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November 29, 2008

trixie update

by gl. at 1:22 am

so it's been a while since our last trixie update! fortunately, she just got an email from a spontaneous poet that read "just rearranged some words on your flex car and enjoyed it very much. what a great idea!" i was excited because it's the first email trixie has ever received, which means the (very basic) site & sign i created for her in april (, is working!

in other trixie news...

["love letters" for trixie]

[sven's homemade magnets]

[a thing of wild life]

[enough poetry? i ask for more]

[fearless letters, swift symphony]

[scarlet creature advocate]

[stardust, be creative]

[studios of truthful courage]

[i feel like butter]

[i faced a music creature so i swiftly recalled a symphony]

[night music sizzling like butter...]

[so i tell time but have it not]

[though times of glass...]

[you are a delight]

[time's up! make love]

posted by gl. | November 29, 2008 1:22 AM | categories: trixie