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September 1, 2009

september events

by gl. at 11:59 pm

September Events

Is summer almost over already? I can hardly believe it. I guess I can't complain: I got to travel, perform with Original Practice Shakespeare, teach "Creative Business Identity" with a wonderful group at SCRAP, wrote my annual birthday poem, and even experienced a tornado and lived to tell about it! Hope your summer had some fun, frivolity & adventure, too.

Next month I'm delighted to announce the return of Vicki Lind's very popular class, "Don't Think! Paint!" on Saturday September 19! Designed for nonpainters, Vicki's class helps you ignore that inner voice that asks "How does it look?" and instead allows you to find the key to recognition & resolution. Your painting will provide clues about how to dissolve your barriers and empower you to move towards prosperity. (Painters may attend if they will park their prior knowledge of art techniques at the door!)

If you're looking to teach a class or host an event, we're now renting the studio for a variety of art activities. At just $25/hour, you won't find a more welcoming or inspiring environment with abundant supplies and creature comforts. Whether it's an art class, party, celebration or retreat, please contact us if you'd like to arrange for your special event in our space.

Last but not least, please support Trillium Artisans! Trillium is a 3-year program designed to educate, encourage and support small crafty businesses using recycled materials. Supporting Trillium helps connect craftspeople to wholesale, retail & online markets. Buy yourself or a friend something nice at their online store. I'm on the Board of Trillium, so if you donate $10 or more I'll match your donation!

warmest wishes for a sublime September,

posted by gl. | September 1, 2009 11:59 PM | categories: newsletter